4G Spain

15 April

1M 4G customers


In Spain, Orange already has more than one million customers for its fourth generation mobile services, only nine months since they were launched.

Salim Virani Lean start-up educator


Lean Start-Up

time as an opportunity cost

How staying lean reduces waste, saves costs and accelerates time to market.

David Nahmani


David Nahmani

IOT support for start-ups

We can help start-ups with manufacturing, distribution and sales of Internet of Things smart devices and services.

API Standardisation


API standards

why we love it

We're making our belief that fewer APIs means greater access a reality through our collaboration with partners.


Toptrends API

helping readers go further

discover why the Toptrends API is a triple win for media partners

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Orange Fab


Orange Fab

Accelerator for start-ups

3 months to accelerate your Start-up. Orange supports your success. Last days for applying to France season 1.

nfc at MWC


NFC at MWC14

retailers see value in NFC

New year, new technology: Orange to present its new NFC retail API and Smart Shopping demo to participants of Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona.

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