allow your visitors to log in using their Orange ID

simplify access to your website : users to login with their Orange account
access other APIs & user profile details using basic authentication/privacy functions
available for France, Romania and the UK




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Improve the quality, security and accessibility of your website and give your users a simplified authentication experience by pre-filling registration and login forms using their Orange account details.


Once you have integrated the Authentication API, you’ll be able to access other APIs (eg content, contact, rich profile, ID Selector) as well as user profile information too. Authentication API is available for all Orange customers in France and the UK, with more countries coming on board soon.


As an example of the Authentication API in use, through our partnership with Deezer, Orange customers can synchronize their existing Deezer account information to access all premium services on their mobile.


The Authentication API enables both basic authentication and privacy functionality, so must be integrated before any other API.


our commitments

  • our APIs are open to all compatible services
  • you can use our APIs as soon as you create an account
  • all Personal APIs are free to integrate
  • a team to tailor the solution to your business needs




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