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API SMS Côte d'Ivoire



Soon in Côte d'Ivoire & more

The SMS API will be released in Côte d'Ivoire on April 9th and progressively deployed in Africa and Middle East. Discover the service and register to be the first informed when it is available.


Use Case

Orange Wear API

Discover how you can address your customers personally using wearables.


app testing

our common credo

We speak with Yvan Delègue of Orange & Stardust’s François Joseph Viallon about maximising app quality through testing.



T. Sarlandie looks to the future

Pebble's Thomas Sarlandie sits down to discuss early successes, heightened competition & what’s next for the start-up.


Datavenue API

apply now

You have a connected object? Plug to Datavenue infrastructure to connect your customers’ devices and secure their data. Discover and apply for the API now.