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Connected Cars

Standing out from the crowd

We talk with Orange expert Patrick Guilloux about the connected car market and its future beyond 2015.


Datavenue API

connected objects

You have a connected object? Plug to Datavenue infrastructure to connect your customers’ devices and secure their data. Discover the API now.


Rich Comms

Building on Voice

We examine how the rich communication sector has developed and what individuals and enterprises expect from their telecoms provider as result.



new opportunities in Africa

Orange announces its largest international developer challenge to date in Africa and the Middle East and exposes its SMS API in 5 more countries. More at entrepreneurclub.orange.com.

summer news

summer happenings

APIs to Fab

See what we’ve been up to

The summer’s proven busy and exciting. Take a look at all of our recent developments, from API releases to developer challenges & Fab news.